Breast cancer is significantly growing, and the psychological effects on the mental health and body esteem are ever there. It is a turning point for many.
Every breast cancer survivor has a story. They often end up undergoing a mastectomy – the complete removal of the breasts. For some, life after the treatment is strange and far-fetched. For others, it means making new choices.
Survivors are nothing short of thrivers. Thriving for a better life, thriving to go back to normal.
Technological advances have made it possible for them to regain their physical appearance. What’s left is only the final details to make them feel whole again.
This is where we step in. Along with other services, NTC prides itself on offering a state-of-the-art paramedical tattoo procedure for the nipple and areola reconstruction. We’re here to help women survivors turn the page and start anew.

Beauty Specialist Dareen Atallah

Dareen has an array of certificates, most notably from Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center in Los Angeles. Working with the best instructors in the industry, Dareen has equipped herself with the necessary techniques that helped her become an expert in this industry.
Dareen has worked with celebrities and public figures, delivering high-quality results and building strong relationships founded on trust and credibility. She respects the privacy of her clients, and prides herself on her professional behavior and result-oriented outcomes.

Dareen Atallah

Female body confidence has become a critical issue worldwide. Women nowadays are leaders and decision-makers. They care about how they look, and they’re always looking their best.
Imperfections can be a few, but the solutions are many.
We understand that self-care is a personal matter, a form of self-expression and empowerment. We know that beauty stems from inner strength, and appearance can be a source of power to re-establish a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.
It is time to restore what is beautiful.

Do not hide it anymore

Breast cancer survivors suffer a lot of mental and body changes, and recovery is a huge thing. Women who choose to have a mastectomy might feel unfeminine or unattractive. However, part of the healing process is facing reality and making the best out of it.
There is nothing like a woman who wears herself proudly. A woman who stands her ground, and is happy with how she looks. The Nipple Tattoo Clinic is here to help you reshape and restore the natural you.

Our clinic is based on 3 fundamental principles


We seek to build solid trust with our clients. Trust is earned and never taken for granted. We value honesty and transparency. We own up to our actions, success and failures.


We offer top-notch quality products and services. We aim to exceed customers’ expectations, and we deliver results of high-quality standards.


We strive to offer outstanding services to our clients. We respect our customers, and understand that they come to us by choice. We care about their needs, well-being and satisfaction.